Wreaths 花圈

Funeral wreaths are designed in round shapes and suitable for all cultures backgrounds.

All wreaths are available in 5 sizes. 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm & 80cm.

Each funeral wreath will includes a free printable card message. If you required, we also provide a unique and personalized ribbon printing service with information in any language using a special ribbon printer. We also offer garland stand rentals if required (T&C applied).

We guarantee on time delivery 7 days a week to all funeral parlours, churches and chapels across Melbourne.

圆形花环可制作成5种不同的尺寸。40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm & 80cm
每一个葬礼花圈会包含赠送给您的打印卡片。 如果您需要,我们还可以提供挽联打印的服务,我们有专用的葬礼挽联打印机,可打印任何语言文字。我们也提供花架租赁的服务 (请联系我们获取租赁条款)。
我们的联系电话 普通话/粤语 0423176100

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